Thursday, July 30, 2009

Installing RubyGems

To use RubyGems,you'll first need to download and install RubyGems system from the project's home page at After downloading and unpacking the distribution,you can install it using the included install script.

% cd rubygems-1.3.5
% ruby install.rb

Depending on your operating system,you may need suitable privileges to write files into Ruby's site_ruby/ and bin/ directories.

The best way to test that RubyGems was installed successfully also happens to be the most important command you'll learn.

% gem help

RubyGems is a sophisticated package manager for Ruby. This is a basic help message containing pointers to more information.

gem -h/--help
gem -v/--version
gem command [arguments...] [options...]

gem install rake
gem list --local
gem build package.gemspec
gem help install

Further help:
gem help commands
gem help examples
gem help

Further information: